The Big Bang


The Big Bang


  • Powerful telescopes allow us to look at the heart of the big bang
  • There could still be a place for a 'God' - a cause of the big bang
  • Radiation signals from the big bang have been detected
  • Research showed that amount of elements (helium etc.) in the universe conforms to the proportions expected if the big bang occured


  • It is just a theory and theories can change
  • The big bang leaves many questions unanswered -  How did the universe expand? What was there before?
  • Science has its own limitations and has been wrong before
  • There are gaps in our knowledge - we don't know why the big bang happened


The Big Bang theory partly makes sense. There is obviously evidence to support that the big bang took place such as the radiation being detected. However it is difficult to believe that it just happened. It could not have been a coincidence, there would have to be a cause of the big bang. There could not have been not time or space before the big bang, there must have been something to start it. Many questions are still unanswered about the big bang. It is just a theory and theories can change. The big bang theory and the religious belief about a creator God could still go together. By putting both together the event makes more sense. The big bang was a powerful event and things such as element % and densities are so precise that it could not have been chance. Everything fitted together perfectly and it seems to have made our universe and earth -  which is perfect for human life.




this is rubbish