table on the christian east and Islamic west.


table on the christian east and islamic west.


  • cured people
  • illnesses were a curse from God or Allah and that them only could cure it,.
  • opened up hospitals
  • taught students
  • they both cared for the patients


  • 10% cured the sick in england     cured everyone in every hospital
  • christians whent off galens ideas      found new ideas
  • allowed some human disection        incouraged medical learning
  • taught pupils on galens work     did not follow Galen
  • did not write books        wrote loads of books
  • hindered  medical learning    taught pupils opn new information.

Overall comparison

islam west were more openley about new methods on medicine to help the patients than the christians where they only go of galens work which some off it is wrong and the islamic doctors teach the students on new information not on galens work.


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