Byzantium Empire

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  • The Byzantium Empire
    • Relations with the West
      • Relations with the West were severely damaged when the East/West Schism occurred. This divided the church into the Latin Christianity and Greek Orthodox. Although they were both still Christian, Byzantiums believed in Oukimene which taught a united ruling between the church and emperor.
    • Alexious Komnenous
      • He was able to regain land, he gained lots of money and was clever enough to persuade the crusading forces to return any land they gained.
      • Alexious Komnenous was one of the most powerful and notable Byzantium leaders.
      • After the first crusade, they became very rich because of all the land they gained.
    • Contribution to the first Crusade
      • When the large and undisciplined crusading forces arrived in Constantinople Alexious made all the leaders swear to restore the Empire any land they gained.
      • Byzantium was struggling economically so they requested help from the East.
      • The Byzantines provided the Crusades with guides and escorts.
      • The Byzantine Empire first called for help in 1095.
      • Although the Byzantines provided the Crusaders with ships, they did not help at all battles (they used the ship at the battle of Nicaea).
      • At the siege of Antioch, although Alexious had in fact set off to aid the crusaders. Stephen of Blois, who had abandoned the crusades, convinced him that the battle was lost and Alexious returned home.
    • Muslim Relations
      • Alexious had allied himself with a very able general, and often sent troops to fight against the Normans in the Durazzo.
      • Sulayman gained riches and prestige. When Sulayman died the alliance was lost.
      • Alexious negotiated with Turkish Chief Sulayman, who agreed to protect the emperors Anatolian holdings. This was a mutually beneficial agreement.
    • Development and Construction
      • Constantinople was named after emperor Constantine.
      • The Byzantine Empire was part of the East/West schism in 1054- Greek Orthodox split from the papacy in Rome.
      • The Byzantines constantly  expanded over time, at one point holding Venice and most of Italy for over two Centuries.
      • From the First Crusade, Alexious was able to gain back lots of land including a lot of Asia Minor.
      • They suffered a great loss at Manzikert in 1071 but made up for this in 1091 at a battle which wiped out the Pechnegs.


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