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  • arrogant
  • sweet sometimes and at others vicious
  • sensual
  • independent
  • strong willed
  • loves to be loved
  • passionate
  • masculine element
  • free spirit in every realm
  • free of fear of god- she is serious about god but not about the solemn religious terms devised by men
  • Shug fills the roles of mother, confidant, lover, sister, teacher, and friend
  • she allows celie to find the confidence to find a new religion, stand up against mr ___, start her own business, understand her sexuality, find her voice and 'be content' and 'be happy'

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • We see Shug begins to help Celie before she even arrives. Celies description of her photograph is the first time we see her with any emotion in the whole of the novel. Mutltiple interrogatives and hyperbole.
  • At the start of the novel Shug is seen in a negative light: her father calls her a 'tramp' the women church say she has 'nasty woman disease', the preacher calls her a "****, hussy, heifer and streetcleaner".
  • Though weak, feverish, and malnourished, Shug still has a razor-sharp tongue. Her first words to Celie upon meeting her are, “You sure is ugly.”
  • Shug’s condition improves due to Celie’s care, and the two become friends. Shug’s improved disposition does not change the disdainful way she treats Mr. ______, whose first name, we learn from Shug, is Albert. Shug constantly teases Mr. ______ and calls him weak for not standing up to his own father, but he nonetheless remains love-struck.
  • Shugs arrogance shows in the bathtub scene: "she weak as a kitten, but mouth just pack with claws"
  • however celie and shug begin to become much closer, in harpos bar she dedicates a song to Celie, which allows celie to grow as a person both from her initial upset from heartache making her want to hide under the table (therefore showing her increased awarness of herself) and her realisation that she as a person is wanted "First time somebody made something and name it after me."
  • she begins to truly care for Celie, refusing to leave until Albert no longer beats her
  • Shug declares Celie a virgin and renames her Miss Celie, giving Celie a new identity in both a figurative and a literal sense, her role as a teacher and companion is here as she begins to speak to celie of the pleasures of love making, the two become like little school friends together; they bring out youthful attributes in each other as she tell her to look at herself.
  • However we still seee Shugs ability to fall into temptation as we are reminded of her having sex with Albert at the end of this letter.
  • We see gender reversal with celie noticing how "shug talk and act sometimes like a man"
  • Shug enables Celie to open up emotionally. When Celie finally articulates the hardships she has endured she no longer reacts like “wood,” instead she "cry and cry and cry" when she realizes the sadness of her own narrative. However, though Celie’s newfound life story is a sad one, it is also a hopeful one because of her growing sexual "us kiss and kiss" and emotional relationship with Shug.
  • Gradually, Celie’s and Shug’s impact on each other becomes reciprocal. They have even begun to take on each other’s attributes. Celie’s love and care have softened Shug’s heart and made her more gentle and nurturing "i love you, miss Celie", while Celie has become more sexually vibrant and assertive using shugs "nasty" word "****".
  • Shug helps other people advance, not just celie. She tell squeak she "ought to sing in public" after she stands up to harpo. Her un conventional religious ideas are hinted at "Devils love to ****."
  • We see Shugs more ugly side and her ability to put herself before other again however as she relays the trouble she put Mr ___'s old wife. However we see she has changed and is much more emotional about it, something Celie has taught her to be able to do. She understands her weaknesses: "i never really wanted Albert for a husband. But just to choose me..."
  • Shug stops Celie from hurting Mr__ for Celies sake.
  • Shug allows Celie to feel she is part of family after finding her family background to be a lie. Shug says "us each others peoples now" These strong, surrogate ties that Celie makes with other women allow her to create a new family in the face of the tragedies she has endured. Celie ceases to wait for the kingdom of heaven and begins to search for peace and happiness in her own life.
  • Shug has the same beleifs as walker which she teaches Celies about.
  • Shug further supports Celie, supporting her by inviting her to Memphis and stating approval with "amen" when Celie opposes Mr__'s negative words to her. We see their childish, youthlike relationship return as they design their dream home together. Shug further gives Celie the resources (money) as well as belief that she can make her own living. "You making your living Celie". "Folkspants, Unlimited."
  • We see Shug once again falling for her weakness of temptation. As we know from her wanting Albert to only want her. Shug now is in love with the fact a "boy of nineteen" is attracted to her when she is older. We see however she is much more emotional towards the fact she is hurting Celie "she wimper a little" compared to with Grady "you notice i never even shed a tear?" Walker shows that every character is flawed, but through teaching and learning, one can change and become closer, rather than trying to change someone directly.
  • Shugs love is definately well known however at the end of the novel when Celie and Mr__ converse of their shared love. "I don't hate him for two reasons. One, he love Shug." "Sofia and Shug not like men, but they not like women either... They hold they own." "hard not to love Shug, she know how to love someone back."
  • Shug stil returns to her true love however.


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