Milgram 1963

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Milgram 1963


  •   Experimental validity- used 45V as an sample to make it seem real. used convincing equipment, organised cries of pain and wall pounding- believed it was real                                                                        
  • Population validity- adult males of varied background but only for american males. he also tested in a same scenario for females and saw similar results
  • Reliable-participant one at a time + followed a standardised procedure (same experience)
  • Ensured there was a thorough debriefing


  • Ecological validity-participant felt protected from the consequences of their actions which lead them to continue. further study support- Hofling's (1966)- done it in a hospital setting and the participant were unaware of being tested= high ecological validity
  • Population validity- Not generalised to people from other culture- might act differently.
  • They did know the true aim of the study
  • Continually deceive
  • Put under extreme stress
  • Were prompted to continue even when they want to stop


Partcipants could or withdraw when they defied the experimenter Milgram believes his world would have a wider benefits to society- easy to follow to destructive obedience mat lead to avoidance of such incidence in the future.


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