Foreign policy

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GB workshop of the world-coal, steel and iron-economic.

Splendid iscolationism-doing well, protect economy.

All policies made for economic state.

Scramble for Africa-GB, France, Italy, germany fighting over African gold.

Protecting their empire and maintaining the balance of power because economically they were the best in the world.

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Germay became strong and so GB set up a system of alliances to make allies in the case of war, to deter Germany from starting a war and also to protect their trade interests.

-1902 Anglo-Japanese Alliance.

-1904 Entente Cordial with France.

-1907 Anglo-Russian Entente.

Cause of the first world war-the threat from Germany (fear).

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Inter-war years

After the war the Leauge of Nations gave Gb Mesopatania and Palestine to look after- internal conflicts cost GB a lot of money to put right.

GB owed the USA £100 million in war debt.

The staple industry was collapsing due to competition from Germany USA and Japan.

GB was affraid of Russia and so signed a tade agreement in 1921 so they could use Russia as a buffer and they did not want Russia to strong or causing trouble with GB- collective security to try and maintain the balance of power without spending any money.

GB relied on the League of Nations for appeasement in Italy and Germany-Italy invaded Abyssinia and Germany in the Rhineland, Czechoslovakia abd Poland.

GB tried to make colonies pay due to economic reasons.

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GB owed £3.5 billion to the USA.

Wanted to maintain the balance of power in Europe and save face to appear to be a bigger power when they were actually bankrupt.

Got rid of colonies.

Controlled by the USA through fear of calling in their loans.

GB involved in the Berlin Airlift- Fear of Russia and Europe was suspicious of GB.

EEC 1957- GB refused to join as they thought France and Germany were going to dominate.

Set up EFTA with Norway, Sweden, Austria etc- NO GOOD.

Charles de Gaulle stopped GB joining EEC 1963 and 1967- resigned 1973 (economic).

Suez crisis 1956 shows GB incompetant. Save face by attacking a small country to appear strong. GB and France globally shunned and Anothony Eden resigns over it.

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