Geography- environmental problems in Mumbia


WATER- enviromental problems in Mumbia


  • Poor sewage infrastructure.
  • Toxins flow to surrounding marches from landfill site.
  • Industries dump waste in river Mithi.
  • No formal waste disposal.
  • River Mithi used to wash oil drums.
  • Corroded water pipelines connected to main lines.
  • River Mithi- food waste, cattle slurry, toxic metals, old batteries, lead from old computers.


  • Waterborne diseases- typhoid, hepatitis.
  • Pollutants build up in food chain and harm humans
  • Kills river and ocean wildlife.
  • Rivers/ waterways contain toxic chemicals

Overall summary

---Rain harvesting techniques---River channel dredged and widened- more water flows to sea---Waste discharges from factories are checked----Public toilets- less sewage into river.


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