Evaluating Secondary Data

This is a helpful resource for evaluating the use of secondary data, taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of data.

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Evaluating Secondary Data


  • Easy to obtain
  • Cheap to obtain
  • Data is usually reliable when obtained from known organisations (eg. the UK National Office for Statistics)


  • Data may not be reliable
  • Data may contain errors
  • Data may not answer specific questions
  • Collection method is unknown
  • Data may be out of date


Overall, secondary data seems to have the advantage of being easy and cheap to obtain, as well as being reliable when obtained from well-known sources. However, secondary data is mostly unreliable as it could contain errors and may be out of date. Secondary data does not provide specific answers and the collection method is not known. In conclusion, secondary data is the best type of data if you do not need specific data or completely reliable, correct data.


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