English Language: Narrative and Descriptive writing

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English Language: Narrative and Descriptive writing


  • Keep a tightly  focused structure. Remember it is short story!
  • Use direct speech to break up the narrative.
  • Grab your readers attention: you could start with a direct address to the reader, try a  description a an unusual character or create a fast- paced atmosphere.
  • Build tension from the start: use key words from the question and use rhetorical devices.
  • Words like ' screeched', 'dingy' and 'gloom' give a spooky sound to the writing.
  • Words like ' burst', ' sprinted' and 'chasing' makes the writing sound exciting and dramatic.
  • Also think about narrative viewpoint.
  • Use techniques like alliteration and repeating patterns to add rhythm.
  • Use figurative language, like similes and personification to make your text engaging.
  • Use visual imagery and perspective.
  • Try to make the ending as powerful as possible.


  • Use strong visual language to create an impression of a person or place.
  • Focus mostly on describing the object.
  • You need to have some structure in your writing.
  • You could start with a tiny detail than expand outwards.
  • Descriptions need detail: a character's physical features, personality, other features like habits and your personal opinion.
  • Remember the 5 senses.
  • Don't lose your focus.
  • Use figurative language.
  • Techniques to use:-metaphors-similes-alliteration-personification-adjectives-repetition-onomatopoeia-hyperbole (use these techniques engagingly)

Overall summary

Let your imagination flow but remember to make your writing original. Try and use your own experiences and personal knowledge in your writing. 


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