Christmas Eve at Dr Dross' orphanage for waifs and strays

  • Created by: Shona
  • Created on: 14-05-13 14:26



  • For the opening of the ballet the music is delicate and mysterious and when the children enter it is very much noisey and happy.
  • As the orphanage scene is rather boring/bleak set the music livens it up as it reflects the orphan's attitude to christmas
  • Trumpet tunes indicate military themes when the boys are all marching up and down
  • Bourne uses the abrupt pause in the music to let Dr Dross show amazement for the orphans temporary triumph over fritz.
  • Orphans in a drab uniform  while Fritz and Sugar anre in their best outfits like they are going to a party
  • Sugar's bow is amusingly big and looks like mouse ears.
  • Two of the orphans wear glasses (Cupids later on)
  • Dr Dross' outfit looks very simular to the child catcher from chittychitty bangbang
  • Matron wears a prim, starch outfit showing the victorian era fashion

Lighting and set


  • Dull shades of grey and black
  • Washed out look
  • Cracked walls , little light from prison like windows
  • Minimal Christmas decorations
  • Row of Iron bedsteads
  • The only outside light created is from a lightning strike that illuminates the room
  • Exaggerated but realistic style
  • Matron oversees events and claps hands - shows her authority
  • Induvidual comic incidents
  • Bouncy kicks, runs and hops after box of decorations are produced to the orphans delight
  • repeated runs and leans
  • Kids showing off
  • Motifs repeated through the rest of the show like sliding backwards
  • Each orphan has a character - e.g shy, boisterous, confident,silly, clumsy etc.
  • Folk dance and balletic dance, then a 18th to early 19th style is adopted ( standing side by side with hands held, includes exaggerated walks, pointed toes and nodding heads) this indicates the era better.
  • Boys look up girls skirts, scare girls with pretend guns and swords,


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