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Nutcracker lighting

Haward Harrison designed the theatrical lighting for Nutcracker. It helps creat the satirical and fantasy themes of the piece. Lighting and colour play a significant role in expressing the different worlds visited by Clara. Changes in lighting distinguish the end and start of each scene

Orphanage scene

Lighting is dark and dull creating cold and drab atmosphere.

Dreamland scene (Clara is exploring)

Lights are bright and warm this shows contrast to the 1st world.                                                                                                  

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Nutcracker costume

The costumes in the Nutcracker where designed by Anthony Ward, they are all very colourful and 'over the top' and show the characters. Elements of popular culture influenced the costume design.

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Nutcracker music

The music in Nutcracker, composed by Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, is modern versions of ballets (Nutcracker/Swanlake). All the musical accompaniments,classical orchestral, provides the narrative and setting for Bourne's choreography.Sound effects help creat the atmosphere of the production for example when the orphans recieve toys and Fritz plays with his toy gun the effects are very dramatic.

Matthew Bourne uses the music to help tell the story of the Nutcracker. He also uses the music to bring the characters alive in the production, it gives the characters identity and allows us to see the emotions they experience.

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Nutcracker physical setting

Most of Bourne's works are full-scale products that utilise theatrical stage designs.                         The set design is created by Anthony Ward, it is partly realistic but larger than life and almost cartoon like. Anthony Ward worked with Bourne to creat two contrasting worlds. 1st world is Christmas Eve in an Orphanage and the 2nd is one of dreams and fantasy.

The proscenium stage (traditional theatre stage) is mostly bare to creat room for the dancers as there is a large cast.

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