Nutcracker! Lighting Analysis

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Choreographer: Mattew Bourne

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Costume: Anthony Ward

Set: Anthony Ward 

Lighting: Howard Harrison

Theme: Adolescence, Fantasy and Childhood

Choreographic Style: A reworking of the traditional ballet, narrative and comic.

Act 1 Lighting Analysis -

· Dancing for the Governors. (Time Elapsed  11:27), The atmosphere of the orphanage is horrible. There is a dim backdrop with a spotlight focusing on Matron and Doctor Dross (stage left) . The is a white light (neutral) focused on the rest of the dancers (the orphanage children).

· Orphans receive presents (Time Elapsed 13:58), The is a general lightning on the stage is dimmer. There is a dim spotlight on matron which shows her power and influence over the orphans but also focuses the audience on her.

· Matrons ‘Isadora dance’ (Time Elapsed 15:16), There is a blue wash over the whole stage which gives a cold, sad unwelcoming mood from the blue colour. The low level backdrop is dim but it is lighter than the previous scene. There is then a single not at the end of Matrons solo where the lighting brightens to a white wash.

· Dr. Dross’s Eurhythmics Dance (Time Elapsed 16:11) The lighting is dark to


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