Case Study: Oil Exploration in Siberia; Opportunities for Development in Cold Environments

PROS and CONS of oil exploitation in Siberia.

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Case Study: Oil Exploration in Siberia; Opportunities for Development in Cold Environments


  • Huge reserves of oil and gas, which provides Russia with the opportunities for economic advance.
  • Over 600 fields with 144 billion barrels of oil available. Gas-wise, there are 1200 trillion cubic feet of gas for exploitation. This is 70% of Russia's output.
  • Expansion since the 1990s with pipelines to Europe and China, allowing the export market to increase and Russia to benefit economically.
  • In 2009, Russia produced 494 million tons of crude oil. One half of this output, 247 million tons, was exported, demonstrating its economic viability.
  • ECONOMIC: Creation of highly paid, skilled jobs for workers. Encourages people to get a better education so they can qualify for these jobs. Higher disposable income for workers.
  • SOCIAL: New infrastructure: roads, airports, hospitals.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Pollution; soil, lakes and groundwater from oil spills. In 1994 over 50 million gallons of oil was spilt and leaking pipelines are mainly to blame.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Infrastructural building removes habitats for animals, eg. forest. Road building further destroys habitats and pipe line laying disrupts their natural patterns of migration while hunting for food, meaning animals may be separated from their food source.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Permafrost is damaged by the pumping of oil, causing it to sink (subsidence).
  • ECONOMIC: Urbanisation of previously rural areas due to the employment of rural dwellers, so have a higher disposable income and demand more infrastructure, eg. Khanty-Mansiysk.
  • ECONOMIC: Creates economic dependency on the exploitation of oil, which in itself is an unsustainable market. Companies have provided things such as snowmobiles and outboard motors on which Khanty residents have become dependent.
  • SOCIAL/CULTURAL: Loss of culture and traditional lifestyle has caused the deterioration of mental health in elders due to alcoholism and lack of employment in the formal sector.
  • SOCIAL/CULTURAL: Influx of new, westernised workers and their cultures. Many sacred places have been destroyed.
  • POLITICAL: Government see the oil as a political power tool, leading to corruption and violence.
  • SOCIAL: Local Khanty and Selkup people have lost their reindeer herds and have been prevented from migrating due to the pipelines obstructing them.


Oil exploitation in Siberia has had many economic benefits: the development of infrastructure, the growth of the Russian export market, creation of highly paid jobs. However the oil exploitation has had devastating effects on the Khanty and Selkup people, showing a massive loss of traditional culture and the growth of governmental corruption. The oil itself is unsustainable and the environment has experienced detrimental, irreversible damage.


Mr A Gibson


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"irreversible damage" This is the reality of nature today. Humans have tried to destroy them all and do not know how to nurture them Fun Games. Everything will change more and more.



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