Business workers

Business workers - foreign or retrained?


  • Skilled engineers require no training so there will be no expensive training costs
  • Due to the UK being a member of the EU, workers can easily move between countries
  • Existing workers are already familiar with AS Plc so after training will fit back in quickly.
  • Existing workers will have a higher status/skill which will improve motivation and potentially increase productivity
  • Existing workers will feel more valued by management and therefore have more commitment and loyalty to AS Plc


  • Skilled engineers may expect a higher wage and other fringe benefits
  • Could take time and money to advertise and assess potential candidates from overseas
  • Foreign workers will not be familiar with AS Plc
  • If only a few of AS Plc'S workers are retrained, other workers will feel demotivated and not feel good enough as they weren't selected to be retrained
  • It may be difficult and expensive to retrain workers who have very different skills


In conclusion, I think it would be better if AS Plc retrained it's existing workers as they are already familiar with the business and will feel more motivated having been retrained.


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