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  • Remuneration
    • Types of workers
      • Freelnce workers (self employeed)
      • Part time workers
      • Manual workers
      • Full time workers
      • Temporary workers
      • Non manual workers
    • Choosing a payment system
      • Nature of the job
        • A piece rate system (might not fit the job of a secretary)
      • Cost
        • A business will choose the most cost effective option
      • Motivation
        • Pay as we have seen, is closely linked to employee motivation
      • Flexability
        • A business might pay a one of fee to a consultant so that they do not have to pay them over a long period of time
    • REMUNERATION is the payments system adopted by a business to pay anf reward employees
    • Fringe benefits
      • Like added value but for a employee who has a job e.g company cars, discount cards


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