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Business Stakeholders
GCSE Business Studies…read more

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A stakeholder can be an individual or group(s) of people who
have an interest in a business. There can be many
Stakeholders in a business, and the often go beyond the
business itself
These may include:
·Local community
·Interest and pressure groups…read more

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Workers ­ they rely on a business for their pay, they also look upon work to provide them security for
the future and a place to meet and work with other people
Managers ­ they have a different interest in the business to workers, they still rely on wages, however,
they are the people involved in making workers redundant. This means their interests are in conflict
with the workers
Owners ­ The owners of a business aren't always the workers. In a limited company, the shareholders
are the owners of the company. The shareholders receive dividends from the profit.
Suppliers ­ suppliers want business to grow, so they get more orders.
Government ­ wants business to succeed because more people are working and more taxes would be
Local community ­ has an interest in a business developing. A business which is polluting will not be
welcome by the community.
Competitors ­ look at competitors to see if they can use and improve their business ideas. Businesses
want to see their competitors running badly.
Interest and pressure groups ­ these groups are very wide and varied, one of the best examples of
pressure groups are Greenpeace, as they are constantly applying pressure to businesses to become
environmentally friendly.…read more


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