Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat-Pack Furniture

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat-Pack Furniture


  • They're much cheaper than ready-to-use furniture. Their price is so low it compensates for the lower durability.
  • They're easy to dismantle and transport. This means companies can reduce the amount of trucks/lorries they use to transport goods and customers can take them apart when they need to, e.g. if they are moving house.
  • They're highly customizable. You can easily paint them a different colour or drill a hole or two into them to make them serve a completely different purpose.
  • They are easier to carry into your house as they are in boxes and flat packed instead of being an awkward, fixed shape.
  • Manufacturers can carry more products in a single truck, which reduces the cost, journeys, amount of trucks used and fuel consumption.
  • The retailer can store the products on flat shelves, maximizing the storage space.
  • The products can be produced using a CNC milling machine. This means they are not made by craftsmen which reduces the labour costs as the company doesn't have to pay for skilled labour.


  • The products have limited designs as they are meant to be put together by the buyer, therefor the design is simplified as much as possible.
  • They're much more fragile than solid furniture, as they are usually made out of MDF. Dismantling the products a few times will make their durability drop significantly, and even if they are never taken apart, they still won't last as long as ready-to-use furniture.


Flat-pack furniture is overall less expensive and more convenient in the short-term, however it doesn't last as long as ready-to-use furniture and can become damaged easily. Nevertheless, the manufacturing process of flat-pack furniture is cheaper and better for the environment and allows companies to sell the products at reduced prices.  




Excuse but is it true, that more often than not, some flat pack parts are missing? According to that happens a lot? I'm planning a huge furnishing renovation and I'm struggling to figure out if it's worth investing in solid wood or if it's worth saving for flat packs. I've read a few reviews that address some parts like table legs and wardrobe bases being hollow, which is anything but sturdy, but those can be enforced and many have done it.. Would be happy to hear from you