advantages and disadvantages of bio-fuel

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advantages and disadvantages of biofuel


  • Bio-diesel is much less harmful to animals and plants than diesel we get from crude oil. If spilled , it breaks down about 5 times faster than 'normal' diesel.
  • When we burn bio - diesel in an engine it burns more cleanly , reducing the particulates emmited. It also makes very little sulphur dioxide
  • As crude oil supplies run out ,its price will increase and bio diesel will become cheaper to use than petrl and diesel
  • Another really big advantage over petrol and diesel is the fact that the crops used to make bio-diesel absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. This means bio-diesel is 'carbon neutral' as the amount of carbon dioxide released during photosynthesis is balance to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed
  • When we make bio-diesel we also produce other useful products. Such as solid waste material which we feed to cattle as a high energy food. In addition we also get glycerine which we use to make soap.


  • The use of large areas of farmland to produce fuel instead of food could pose problems. If we start to rely on oil - producing crops for fuel, land once used as food crops will turn to growing bio-fuel crops. This could result in famine in poorer countries if the price of staple food crop increase as demand overtakes supply.
  • Also there could be destruction of habitats of endangered species Eg. orang-utans are under threat of extinction  Large areas of tropical forest will be turned into bio-fuel farms
  • At low temperatures bio - diesel will start to freeze before traditional diesel. It turns to sludge.
  • At high temperatures in an engine it can turn sticky as its molecules join together and can 'gum up' engines


In conclusion we can see that bio-diesel can be helpful as it can help our economy and reduce the depletion of crude oil however it also has a certain number of disadvantages , such as the fact that poorer countries could face major issues towards their community and social needs. In my opinion I believe bio-fuel should be introduced in this modern day as it could benefit us all. Moreover we can find other places which are suitable for growing food crops and perhaps every time we use a tree for bio-fuel we could plant a new seed to replace it , this way we will be protecting habitats for the future generation. Finally we could manufacture cars which use bio-fuel at a certain temperature where it is not too cold or hot for it to be efficient and work properly. As result I think bio-fuel is a great resource and should be used more to help our current society.


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