Advantages and Disadvantages of Correlational Analysis


Advantages and Disadvantages of Correlational Analysis


  • A correlational study can be conducted on variables that can be measured and not manipulated, for example when an experimental method would be impractical or unethical to conduct.
  • A correlation can demonstrate the presence or absence of a relationship between two factors so is good for indicating areas where experimental research could take place and show further results.


  • A correlational analysis can only be used when the variables are two measurable on a scale.
  • No cause and effect can be established in correlational research as its not certain that one variable  caused another to happen, it could be one or the other or it could even be an unknown variable that causes the correlation.


Correlational research is good for when it would be unethical to carry out other methods of research however to identify cause and effect between two variables there would need to be further research and studies into the variables.