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research which analyses the strength and direction of a relationship between two co-variables. Co-variables is the name given to the variables in a correlation that are being analysed to see if they have a relationship. Correlations require quantitative data which is plotted on a scattergram.

Differences between correlations and experiments:

In experiments one variable is manipulated whilst one is measured which allows the researcher to establish a cause and effect relationship between variables. In a correlation there is no manipulation of one variable and therefore it is not possible to establish cause and effect. A correlation establishes an association or relationship.

Analysis of the relationship between co-variables:

Positive correlations- as one co-variable increases, so too does the other

Negative correlation- as one co-variable increases, the other decreases

Zero correlation- no relationship between the co-variables

Plotting scattergrams:

For each participant in a correlation 2 scores are obtained which are used to plot one dot on the scattergram for that individual, the scatter of the dots indicates the degree of correlation between the co-variables.

Correlation coefficients:

A number…


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