Advantages and disadvantages of building a reservoir in Abingdon

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Advantages and disadvantages of building a reservoir in Abingdon


  • Social positives- recreational activities could be put in e.g. walkway around it, bird-watching, surfing and windsurfing.Supplies towns with water
  • Economic positives- Tourism- makes jobs because the reservoir needs maintaining also people might come to the area to see the reservoir which means the local economy will rise e.g. cafes, local shops and B&Bs
  • Environmental positives- might attract migrating and wintering birds. Also create Habitats


  • Social negatives- Visually intrusive- 20 metre embankment.Lorries driving through when being constructed. increase the risk of flooding because there is less land for the water to go, also lots of rivers. Most of the water will be used to supply London and not the local area. Roads- Lots more traffic and disruption for those in East Hanney, Drayton and Milton.
  • Economic negatives- House prices decrease because they live near or can see the reservoir. Cost a lot to build and transfer all the building materials. Displacing farm, solar farm and an estate meaning the people will have to be payed compensation.
  • Environmental negatives- Destroy natural habitats- number of protected species would be displaced e.g. water voles, bats and hedgehogs


I believe if the reservoir is built i would hope it would attract people and wildlife like the Farmoor reservoir in Oxfordshire. 


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