Hard Engineering

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  • Hard Engineering
    • Channel Enlargement
      • Makes chanel wider and deeper
        • More water transported
        • Material form bed+banks removed by diggers
        • Quick because river silts up quickly
      • Advantages
        • Transport of water is quicker
        • Protects both sides of river + natural habitats
      • Disadvantage
        • Needs to happen regularly- silt builds up quickly
        • Heavy machinery used can be expensive
    • Bridge widening
      • Allows more water to pass through without blockages occuring
      • Advantages
        • Bridge helps stop blockages- let more water through
      • Disadvantage
        • Ugly + expensive
    • River Straightening
      • Meanders removed
        • Water velocity increases- flooding downstream
      • Advantages
        • Meanders across floodplains straightened
        • Helps increase the velocity of water
        • Reduces floods as drains away from flood plains quickly
      • Disadvantage
        • Water velocity increases causing floods downstream
    • Leeves and embankments
      • Built to stop water over flowing even in times of floods
      • Velocity increases
      • Ugly- stop water draining bank
      • Advantages
        • Built to stop water over flowing in times of floods
      • Disadvantage
        • Stop water draining back into river
    • Dams and Reservoirs
      • Control amount of water that can travel- river stream
      • Advantages
        • Risk of flooding almost completely reduced
        • Can be used for hydro-electric power
      • Dsiadvantage
        • Expensive
        • Completely change natural landscape+eco-system
    • Storage Areas
      • Water is pumped out of river into temporary lakes
      • Advantages
        • Reduces amount of water flow
        • When needed water can be pumped back into river
      • Disadvantage
        • Takes up a lot of space


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