The Three Gorges Dam, China

The Three Gorge Dam: Advantages, Disadvantages, Economic, Social and Environmental benefits and costs.

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  • The Three Gorges Dam, China
    • 181m high and 2.3km wide
    • Disadvantages
      • 250 million tonnes of silt deposited behind dam- reduces capacity of resevoir
      • Water in reservoir becoming polluted from shipping and waste
      • Toxic substances from factories, mines and waste tips submerged by reservoir and are being released into reservoir.
      • 1.4 million people forcibly moved from homes
      • $30 million of compensation funds been taken by corrupt officials
    • Cost $25.5 billion
    • Advantages
      • Reduces risk of flooding from a 1 in 10 year even to a 1 in 100 year event
      • Benefits 15 million people living in high flood risk areas
      • Protects over 25,000 ha of farmland
      • Has had a positive impact on flood control, navigation and power generation
    • Started building 1994 and finished 2006
    • Economic
      • COST: Loads of money has to be paid back for compensation
      • BENEFIT: Money that has been spent could be well spent
    • Social
      • COST: 1.4 million people forced out of home, may have no where to live and livelihoods lost
      • BENEFIT: Has had a positive impact on navigation
    • Environmental
      • BENEFITS: Floods are being stopped because of dam in place
      • COST: Reservoir being polluted from factories and ships and animals are being killed


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