Hard engineering strategies (along rivers)

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  • Hard engineering strategies
    • Dams and Reservoirs
      • dams built across rivers, A reservoir is formed behind the dam
      • Advantages
        • reservoirs store water during periods of heavy rain, reduces risk of flooding
        • water in reservoir used as drinking water and can be used to generate HEP
      • Disadvantages
        • dams very expensive to build. creating a reservoir can flood existing settlements
        • eroded material deposited in reservoir and not along rivers natural course so farmland downstream is less fertile
    • Channel Straightening
      • river's course is straightened- meanders cut out by building artificial straight channels
      • Advantages
        • water moves out of area more quickly because it doesn't travel far- reduces risk of flooding
      • Disadvantages
        • flooding may happen downstream of straightened channel instead as water carried there faster and more erosion downstream because water's flowing faster


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