Young People in Nazi Germany

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  • Young People in Nazi Germany
    • Youth Groups
      • Hitler Jugend (Boys 14-18)
      • Deutches Jungvolk (Boys 10-14)
        • Boys were prepared for the army with frequent drilling, shooting practice, map reading and signalling
          • Hitler Jugend (Boys 14-18)
      • Bun Deautches Madel (Girls 14-18)
        • Girls were separated from boys and their main emphasis was on teaching them domestic skills such as cooking and making beds
          • Jung Madel (Girls 10-14)
      • Jung Madel (Girls 10-14)
      • Annual military-style camps encouraged teamwork and comradeship
      • Lessons were given to reinforce Aryan superiority, the importance of the state and the Fuhrer and other Nazi ideals
    • Schools
      • Teachers
        • Teachers had to accept and teach Nazi ideals
        • Many attended teachers' camps where they learnt how to indoctrinate the young and physical training
        • Joined the Nazi Teachers' Association
      • New Subjects were introduced
        • Eugenics
          • The study of improving the human race to produce perfect Aryan babies
        • Race Studies
          • Promoted Nazi ides of race
          • Taught that sub-humans(Untermenschen) were inferior(Jews) and the Aryan race was superior
        • Ideology
        • Domestic Science (Girls)
        • Health Biology
        • Physical Education occupied 15% of school time so girls were fit ti have children and boys were prepared for military service
      • Textbooks
        • The History curriculum changed to glorify Germany's past and the rise of the Nazi Party. They also attacked the Treaty of Versailles and blamed communists and Jews for all of Germany's problems
        • Geography concentrated on lands that were once part of Germany and the need for more land to inhabit for Germans(Lebensraum)
      • New Schools
        • Adolf Hitler Schools
          • These were to provide future leaders of the Nazi Party
        • Order Castles
          • Here there was intense political and physical training for the future elite leaders of the Third Reich
        • National Political Educational Institutes
          • Ages 10-18
          • Run by the **
          • Trained future leaders of the military and the administration
      • Boys' schooling aimed to prepare them for the armed forces with military fitness and skills. They also took science, maths and military drilling
      • Girls' schooling was designed to prepare them for marriage and motherhood with emphasis on domestic duties and physical fitness


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