Why did people support the Nazi Party?

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  • Why did people support the Nazi party?
    • Big business
      • wealthy industrialists supported the Nazi party
      • Hitler persuaded wealthy businesses that the Nazi party was their best hope of protection from the communists
      • Benz and Krupps gave money the NSDAP
      • Nazi propaganda against the communists
    • Young people
      • The Nazi party was exciting
      • Hitler's speeches were stirring
      • They promised more traditional duties
      • Atracted them to become members
    • Farmers
      • Changed the law of confiscating all private land
      • Private land would only be confiscated if owned by Jews
      • Reassurement for farmers
      • Farmers were a strong section of support
    • Women
      • Nazi propaganda made special appeals to women
      • Best for families
      • It was increasingly getting popular
    • Middle Class
      • Professional people
        • Teachers, lawyers and farmers
      • 1929-1932 lots of people switched to the Nazis
      • Hitler was seen as a strong leader who could help the country recover from the Great Depression
      • Thought the Nazis could protect them from Communists
      • Nazis had a return to the traditional German values
    • Working class
      • Nazis support traditional German values
      • Create a stronger Germany
      • Promised a 'work and Bread' on their posters
    • Unity
      • Nazis targeted support from specific sections of society
      • Appealed to the whole nation


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