Young people in Nazi Germany

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  • Young People in Nazi Germany
    • Youth Groups
      • Hitler Youth
        • Boys aged 14+.
          • Prepared to be soldiers.
        • Wore military-style uniforms.
        • Lots of physical exercise.
      • League of German Maidens
        • Girls aged 14+.
          • Prepared to be wives and mothers.
        • Girls trained in domestic skills.
      • From 1936, membership to Hitler's Youth was compulsory.
        • By 1939, there were 7 million members in the Hitler Youth.
      • All other youth organisations were banned.
    • Education
      • The Children were being indoctrinated.
      • Questions in textbooks were controlled to show Jews as enemies and were military related.
        • i.e. Maths textbooks taught angles at which to drop bombs.
      • German minister of Education, Bernhard Rust said, "The whole purpose of education is to create Nazis'.
      • Emphasis of biology to teach 'race science' and teach the superiority of the Aryan race.
      • 15% of time in school was devoted to physical activity.


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