Xerophytes and hydrophytes

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  • Xerophytes
    • Species
      • Cacti
      • Pineapples
      • Conifirs
      • Spruce
      • Maram Grass
    • Adaptions
      • Leaf Rolled With Stomata Inside
      • Sunken Stomata
      • Small Leaves
      • Thick Waxy Cuticle
      • Extensive Shallow Root System
    • Desert
      • The usual idea that places such as the Sahara are deserts because they are have very little water available
      • Places such as the arctic are classed as deserts because they have very limited water avalibility
    • Hydrophytes
      • Adaptations
        • Leaf Shape
        • Lack of Protective Layer
        • Location Of Stomata
        • Rapid Early Shoot Growth
        • Reduced Roots to Prevent Over Absorption of Water
      • Habitat
        • Submerged plants such as seaweed live under the water level
        • Plants also live on the waters edge and they are hydrophytes due to the excess of water
      • Species
        • Hydrilla
        • Seaweed
        • Pond Lillies
        • Water Chestnut


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