WW1 impact on British India

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  • WW1 and its impact on British India 1914-20
    • India in 1914, loyal to Raj or ripe for rebellion?
      • Political geography
      • Society and religion
      • Importance of India to Britain
      • Britain vs India attitudes
      • Indian nationalism
    • What was the cost to India of the subcontinent's contribution to WW1 1914-18?
      • India's response to war
      • Indian military and economic contribution
      • Economic impact in India and consequences for British rule
    • To what extent did WW1 change British rule in India?
      • Montagu decleration
      • Rowlatt acts, Amritsar massacre and political aftermath
      • Significance of 1919, Montagu-Chelmsford report and Government of India act
    • How did nationalism develop in India 1914-20?
      • Congress and emergence of Gandhi
      • Lucknow pact and role of Jinnah
      • Home rule leagues
      • Response to British legislation and significance of Amritsar


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