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  • world religions
    • judaism
      • Abraham
        • God said to Abraham to leave Terah , leave his relatives and to go to the land that god showed them. He would be given lots of descendants if he was to do this and then he would become the leader of a great nation. God also promised to make Abraham famous.They travelled to Canaan and then they reached the sacred tree of Moreh in Sketchem.
          • The relationship that the Jews have with God is a covenant relationship.
            • Jews keep god's laws and the Jews seek to bring happiness into every aspect of their lives.
              • Many Jewish religious customs revolve around the home. A good example is the Sabbath meal, which shows how all of the family get together and they celebrate on a Sunday all day.
                • There was a religious experience of the burning bush. The ten commandments were given to Moses at Mount Sinai.
                  • To make Israel believe in Moses. This was a divine revelation. They were also able to observe all of the laws which god afterward gave them through moses.
                    • Many Jews declare the revelation on Sinai to be the great historical fact upon which the Jewish faith was formed.
                      • "the lord appeared to the people of Israel on Sinai face to face in order to pledge them for all generations to come to remain true to him and worship no other god.
                  • The Tenakh
                    • The tenakh shows the torah, which is the instructions or the laws and is made up of the first five books of the bible. It also contains 613 commandments and the Jews are supposed to live by these. Jews believe that the holiest part of the Tenakh is the torah and this is because it was given to moses by god directly.
                      • Then in the Tenakh, is the Nevi'im, which is the prophets. This book is divided into two parts. There are the former prophets and this traces back to the history of the Israelites after Moses's death
                        • Then the latter prophets are containing the words of Isaiah, Jermiah , Ezekiel and the 12 minor prophets.
                          • All of these men encouraged the jews to keep their part of the covenant and their words were believed to be inspired by God.The nevi'im doesn't have as high a sattus as the torah.
                            • The Ketuvium and writings and they are a collection of psalms,hymns,proverbs and philosophy.This is much less authoritative than the others though.
                              • There are three types of Jews!
                                • These orthodox jews believe in this "keep for your own good, the commandments of the lord". This is from Deuteronoomy 10:12-13.
                                  • The burning bush was because god trusted moses to lead the Israelites  away from Egypt.
                                    • Moses also separated the red sea which shows his complete power.
                                      • When he did this the Egyptians were killed and then the Israelites were saved.
                                • Orthodox Jew's who believe that the commandmemts given by god to moses are his chief method of communicating with his people. They respond to this with obedience. They also believe that living by gods way is in their best interests.
                                • There are also the observant jews, who think that it is vital to live by a moral code, and will regard the moral individual as someone who combines religious observance with concern for other people.
                                • Then there are the progressive jews, and they take a rather different approach because they believe that the torah is god's teaching interpreted by humans.
            • Judaism is also a family faith, the ceremonies start early and baby boys are circumcised at eight days old.


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