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The course that I wish to study at University is Financial Mathematics, I am applying for this course as I have enjoyed studying both Mathematics and Economics this year and so would like to further my understanding of these subjects.

I have a personal interest in both Mathematics and Economics. I am currently writing an extended project on the Lehman Brother's bankruptcy and this has led me to gain more of an interest in this area and due to studying Economics at AS level has helped me gain a wider understanding of this economic event. The firm also operated in the financial market and so has been beneficial to me to study this company as I learnt in depth as to what went wrong at Lehman Brothers and has allowed me to look into a company in the financial market, somewhere I would wish to work after studying for my degree, and so has helped me to decide that this career path is the one I would like to take as the topic has genuinely interested me whilst studying it.

I am currently studying at AS level Economics and Chemistry and completing my Mathematics A Level this year in the hope of then going on to study Further Mathematics next year. I also studied Business Studies at GCSE with helped to spark my interest in Economics and help me to decide that Economics is something that I would like to be involved in my studies at degree level. Studying Mathematics this year, including modules in mechanics and statistics has allowed me to see how many real life situations involve Mathematics and so has made me incredibly willing to go on and study this subject further. After completing my Mathematics GCSE I then went on to complete a qualification in additional mathematics, this shows that I am…


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