Working Sheet Metal

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  • Working Sheet Metal
    • Marking Out
      • Ruler - 0.4mm thick to bring scribe closer to the metal
      • Scribe - About 6 inches long, scratch into metal
      • Engineers Tri-square - two pieces of metal joined at exactly 90 degrees, for corners
      • Dividers - Look like compasses, used to mark curves
      • Odd-leg Callipers - Use for marking out parallel lines
    • Wasting
      • Hacksaw -  Used for cutting straight lines
      • Abra saw - Flexible, for cutting curved lines
      • Flat  File -  Used for smoothing straight edges
      • Round File - Used for smoothing curved edges
    • Joining
      • Oxo-acetalyn  Welding - Two pieces of metal fused together at very high temperatures
      • Arc Welding - welding where a spark is used to fuse the metal
      • Rivets - Hold pieces of metal together by squeezing them
    • Finishing
      • Metal Plating - Thin layer of metal around the product
      • Sacrificial Protection - A more reactive metal is around the product


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