Tudors- Wolsey's Fall 1529

Mindmap of the Fall of Thomas Wosey in 1529, for OCR History A, The Early Tudors.

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  • Wolsey's Fall 1529
    • Failure to Secure Henry's Divorce from Catherine of Aragon
      • The First Approach
        • Persuasion of the Pope by reason and diplomatic pressure.
        • Henry argue that the original papal dispensation granted to allow him to marry Catherine, exceeded Divine Law by the Pope.
        • Strategy was politically inept as the Pope would not admit that a predecessor was wrong and overstepped his power.
        • Henry found a copy of the Bible that said you could not marry your Brother's wife.
          • Paid well known theologians to support his case.
      • The Second Approach
        • Approach focussed on no challenge to Papal powers but arguing against terms of the dispensation.
        • This approach would appeal to the Papacy's admin as a clerical error.
        • Catherine of Aragon did not want her marriage to be annulled.
      • The Third Approach
        • Wolsey to Persuade Pope to allow case to be decided in England.
        • Wolsey hoped that the decision would be delegated to the Pope's representative (Wolsey himself).
        • Wlolsey received letters but Pope retained powers to accept or reject the English decision.
    • Wolsey's Personal Ambitions,  Reputation and Relations with the Nobility
      • Wolsey was hard-working. and was the son of  butcher.
      • Had become Lord Chancellor and Cardinal to the King by 1515. He had great influence and a prestigious relationship with the King.
      • Wolsey's position depended on pleasing the King.
      • Many of his policies were unpopular with the nobility and many believed the nobility to be the natural advisors to the king.
    • Boleyn Faction Hinted that Wolsey was Delaying Divorce
      • Wolsey hoped that delaying the divorce would reduce Henry's infatuation for Anne.
      • Wolsey also knew that delaying the divorce made Henry desperate and so his best interest was to please the King's wishes.
      • Wolsey' power would be maintained if Henry did not get a divorce and if Catherine remained his wife.
      • Anne was more politically astute that Catherine had been and so Anne had more influence than Wolsey as she had support in the Nobility, and caused Wolsey's influence to lessen.
      • Wolsey was hostile towards the Boleyn faction.
      • Wolsey had promised the King a quick verdict but it lasted 2 years.
    • Failure to Achieve Henry's aims in Foreign Policy Left England Marginalised and Isolated.
      • War with France
        • Wolsey failed to raise funds.
        • Henry wed to be seen as a Warrior King.


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