Wolf Alice revision

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  • Wolf Alice
      • Faraway pine forest
      • bald mountain rim
      • a reek of meat
      • wolf's den
      • antlered bed of dull black wrought iron
      • village graveyard
      • gloomy castle
      • exiled place
      • his bloody chamber
      • ALICE
        • She howls because she is lonely
        • The sharp ears of her foster kindred hear her across the irreparable gulf of absence
        • her panting tongue hangs out
        • her red lips are thick and fresh
        • She never walks; she trots or gallops. Her pace is not our pace.
        • she lengthily investigates everything she glimpses
        • Nothing about her is human except that she is not a wolf
        • Like wild beasts, she lives without a future
        • she snapped at her would-be saviours with spiky canines
        • poked her with sticks to rouse her
        • she always seemed wild, impatient of restraint, capricious in temper
        • she tried to nuzzle her reflection
        • her first blood bewildered her
        • she examined her new breasts with curiosity
        • she leapt upon his bed to lick, without hesitation, without disgust...the blood and dirt from his cheeks and forehead
      • THE DUKE
        • sere as old paper
        • he ceased to cast an image in the mirror
        • at night, those huge, inconsolable, rapacious eyes of his are eaten up by swollen, gleaming pupil. His eyes see only appetite
        • corpse-eater, the body-snatcher
        • he will use the holy cross as a scratching post
        • the Duke came shrieking into the world with all his teeth, to bite his mother's ****** off and weep
        • the damned Duke haunts the graveyard
        • the Lord of cobweb castle
        • his cannibal rituals
        • an aborted transformation, an incomplete mystery
      • the moon, the governess of transformations and overseer of somnambulists, pokes an imperative finger through the narrow window
      • spilt, glistering milk of moonlight on the frost-crisped grass
      • moony metamorphic weather
      • red early hour of midwinter sunset
      • potent scents of musk and civet that woke up in the sleeves and bodices
      • The young husband of the dead bride spent a long time planning his revenge. He filled the church with...bells, books and candles; a battery of silver bullets; they brought a ten-gallon tub of holy water...


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