The Company of Wolves revision

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  • Themes
    • The Company of Wolves.
      • Quotes
        • 'The wolf is worst for he cannot listen to reason'
          • Pointing out the difference between man and beast
        • 'His genitals, huge. Ah! Huge'
          • Sexualising men how women would be sexualised
          • Mocking how men treat women
        • 'All the better to eat you with'
          • Sexual connotations
        • 'Her scarlet shawl, the colour of poppies, the colour of socrifices, the colour of her menses'
          • Poppies suggest death
          • Sacrifice suggests the sacrifice of women to the appetites of men
          • Menses suggests the transition from girl to woman.
        • 'The beasts would love to be less beastly if only they knew how'
          • Society shapes you
          • Natural instincts take over emotions
      • Characters
        • The girl
          • Innocent
            • 'invisible pentacle of her own virginity'
              • Her innocence protects her.
          • Virgin
            • 'invisible pentacle of her own virginity'
              • Her innocence protects her.
          • No fear
            • Innocent
          • The young man
            • Stereotypical protective male role
              • 'his rifle would protect him'
            • Competitive/ daring
              • 'plunged off the path into the forest'
          • The wolf
            • Not a threat
              • 'between the paws of a tender wolf'
                • Suggests **********
                • Wolf is redeemed.
            • 'Carnivore incarnate'
              • Carnivore in human form
              • Instinct to kill, can't help it
          • The grandmother
            • Religious
              • Superstitious
              • 'Call on Christ... and all the angels in heaven...but they won't do you any good'
                • Can't rely on religion
                • Enlightenment
                • Superstitious
        • Message
          • A man is more dangerous than any animal.
            • Seen when the girl burns the mans clothes in order to have power over him
          • Women should refuse to take on the passive role of 'victim'
      • Sexuality
      • Virginity
      • Religion
      • Transgression
      • Transformation
      • Power
      • Superstition
      • Innocence


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