Wolf Alice

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About a girl, who is neither human nor a wolf, was taken in by wolves and
cared for by them. Ends up in a nunnery, and the nuns are not pleasant to her
they send her to the house of the Duke, where she worked as a sort of maid.
The duke was a werewolf and vampire hybrid and was hunted by the
villagers, their traditional methods to kill him do not work. He robs the
graveyards and takes his prize home. Alice discovers a playmate, which is
actually her in the mirror and plays with it. She discovers time and the art of
hygiene, when she matures and begins her menstrual cycle, which she initially
believes that someone has bitten her, she is unaware of what the duke does
for a while but then follows him out one night to see where he goes and to
see him get injured, she nurses him back to health and back to being human
She does not understand their language even if she knows how to use it
Two legs looks, four legs sniff
Nothing about her is human, except that she is not a wolf
She lives without a future
Would- be saviours
Poked her with sticks
Quite easily taught a few simple tricks
Unsanctified house of the Duke
Cast in the role of corpse-eater
Nothing deters him
Lap up holy water
Use the holy cross as a scratching post
Imperfect wolf
Absolute and verminous innocence
Damned duke...believes himself to be both less and more than a man
Most intimate playmate
Must have nibbled her
Leg of a man over his shoulder
Incuriously past
Locked half and half
Quick and tender gravity

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The face of the Duke
Possible Question topics and bullet point answer
Male entrapment in the role that society has given to them
Is the role which the duke receives one that he truly wants or just
thinks that there is no escape for him form it? Could this be carter's way of
saying that the roles and expectations of a male in a fairy tale are set in stone
and they are stuck with being what the typical expect?
Idea of the liminal state…read more

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