William Gladstone

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  • William Ewart Gladstone. 1868-1874
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of social/domestic policy?
      • The Trade Union Act 1871
      • Licensing Act 1872
      • Forster Education Act 1870
      • Civil service and army reform 1870
      • Public Health Act 1872
    • What were the 3-5 main areas of foreign policy?
      • Alabama case.
      • Black Sea Clauses.
      • Didn't get involved in the Franco-Prussian war but made sure Belgium's territorial integrity was not violated.
    • What was their policy towards Ireland?
      • "mission to pacify Ireland"
      • Irish Church Act 1869. Disestablished Anglican Church in Ireland and abolished tithes.
      • First Irish Land Act 1870. Compensation for improvements made on land. Not allowed Exorbitant rents.
    • How 'Popular' was this ministry?
      • Foreign Policy continually made Britain look weak. Social reform did often not go for enough.
      • Trade union Act angered working classes. Party was split over civil service army reform and Irish policy.
    • What were the major reasons for this ministry being elected?
      • Gladstone and Bright ran a vigorous election campaign, Disraeli did not do as much.
      • Disraeli only had a minority Government and was constantly in danger of losing votes.
    • What were the main reasons for this ministry ending?
      • Own party was alienated over domestic reform and irish policy
      • Voters wee angered by weak foreign policy and weak domestic reforms
    • What were the overriding priorities for this ministry? did they achieve their aims?
      • Gladstones main policy was Ireland. He did not achieve much, he alienated his own policy and angered the Irish with a weak land Act however did pass the Irish Church Act


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