Attitudes towards imperialism

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  • Topic 5
    • Benjamin Disraeli
      • Conservative party leader and short lived prime minister in 1868
      • Served a full second term between 1874 and 1880
      • Gave Queen Victoria 'Empress on India' title
      • Was knighted earl of Beconsfield
    • William Gladstone
      • Served as PM and exchequer of 4 different occasions
      • Attended Oxford university and elected into parliment in 1832
      • Served as Colonial secretary in the conservative government
      • Became leader of newly found liberal party
    • The British public
      • Media fueled the publics interest in the Empire
      • Literature, poems, lecture and songs kept the public entertained
      • Imperial exhibitions were set up as museums where 'savages' where put on display
        • Charles Darwins 'survival of the fittest' made the actions of the empire justified


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