William Gladstone

Just a little mindmap for the basic 'must-know' facts about Gladstone. Includes a very small amount of detail about his Party too. 

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  • William Gladstone
    • 1809-1898
    • Liberal politician
      • Party arose from an alliance of Whigs, free-trade Peelites and radials
        • Many members were dissenters or non-conformists who believed the Church and state should be separate
      • Served as Prime Minister four times
        • First became PM in 1868 with a Liberal majority of 106
          • Leaving Gladstone and his party in a position to implement policy as they saw fit
        • 1868-1874
        • 1880-85
        • Feb-July 1886
        • 1892-94
      • Gladstone joined them in 1859 but became their leader in 1867
    • Gladstone also served as Chancellor of the Exchequer
      • Held the position for three times
    • When the Conservatives split in 1846, he was a Peelite


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