Why was Trotsky unpopular?

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  • Why was Trotsky unpopular?
    • Trotsky had a power base in the Red Army, many Bolsheviks were afraid that he would become a military dictator.
    • Trotsky was also personally unpopular, he was highly intellectual and had a reputation for arrogance. He did make alliances with his colleagues.
    • Trotsky had been a Menshevik and his late conversion to Bolshevism counted against him.
    • He was violently opposed to the growth of the Party bureaucracy, which Stalin headed and gave many people comfortable jobs.
    • He also had ideas that appeared dangerous, he believed that the USSR should try to ferment revolution in other states because Russia could only be successful if supported by proletarian revolutions in the West.
    • He also advocated a radical solution to economic problems, opposed NEP and believed that the peasants should be treated more vigorously and forced to produce more.
    • Lenin's political Testament was 'shelved', it was not made public and quietly ignored.


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