Why did Stalin emerge as leader?

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- Described bt Soviet government as "the grey blur"
- Played a minor role in Civil War and Oct Revolution
- Reputation for loyalty to Lenin
- Lenin's testament never published - so not sacked
- Peasant upbringing
- Bukarin "the favourite" was too young
- Left wing were suspicious of his economic policy
- Z & K were disloyal and cowardly:
- Publicly criticised Lenin's plans for October Revolution
- Zinoviev avoided fighting of C.W

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Party position

- Mundane roles, but gave him power of patronage
- General Secretary:
- Controlled promotions and appointments - rewarded those who were loyal
- Power to select delegates - filled P.C with supporters
- Head of Rabkrin:
- Could sack opposition

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Trotsky's mistakes and weaknesses

- Economic policy to abolish NEP and adopt industrialisation - peasants had to pay high taxes = unpopular
- His alternative system had not been adopted, NEP seemed to be working
- Foreign policy of permanent revolution was an agressive and defeatist option
- Arrogance
- Threatening position of head of red army

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Stalin's tactics

- Economic policy - stuck with NEP while economy still growing then adopted industrialisation when it failed
- Foreign policy - Socialism in One Country = the people's choice
- Defeated Trotsky with Z & K in the Triumvirate in 1924 (over NEP)
- Turned on Z & K to defened NEP 1926
- Moved from left wing to right wing when NEP failed in 1928 - isolated Bukharin
- Told Trotsky wrong date for Lenin's funeral

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