Stalin's rise to power

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  • Stalin's rise to power
    • 1922 - appointed General secretary,
      • This enabled him to put his supporters into the party,
        • As they were unlikely to turn aggainst him, but could also be easily replaced
    • He was seen as Lenin's disciple
      • Orator at Lenin's funeral, (Trotsky hadn't attended)
      • Agreed with Lenin's ideas about Russian's dominating over other nationalities
    • Politically skilled and manipulated his rivals
      • Alliances with Bukharin, Kamenev and Zinovev, as well as those under his control
        • Zinovev lost power base after Stalin thought they'd served their purpose, after Trotsky had been removed from the party
      • Always took a moderate position so he gained support from all sides,
      • Policy of `World Revolution` was popular as it avoided conflict,
    • His rivals had many weaknesses
      • Trotsky missed Lenin's funeral
        • believed in World revolution - was unpopular,
          • Menshevik past


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