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Russia 1924 - 1953
Succeeding…read more

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· Started out as a Meshevik
· Lenin let him organize the 1917 October Revolution
· Made Commissar of Foreign Affairs
· Involved in the negotiations of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
· Negotiated peace with Germany
· Criticised for losing vast areas of the western part of the
Russian Empire
· Became Commissar for War ­ Responsible for the Red
· Gave inspirational speeches in the War on his armoured
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Trotsky's support
· Unpopular with the peasants ­ He'd organized the grain
requisitioning with the squads using force.
· Unpopular with the Proletariats ­ he was intelligent and
cultured although they preferred people like Stalin who were
· Popular within the Red Army ­ he created it and led them to
· Unpopular with the Communist Party. Because he had prevously
been a Menshevik, it was believed he wasn't devoted to the
party or their policies.
· Popular with the younger people in the Communist Party which
feared party members as they thought he'd use his popularity to
become a military dictator like Napoleon had done.…read more

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· Played minor role in October Revolution
· 1922 ­ Appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party
· Used this to increase his personal power and influence
· Had complete control of the inner workings of the Party
· Could promote his supporters and remove his opponents
· Had Access to secret files from the Cheka
· Used the Lenin Enrolment to create large supporters
· Stalin was humble, whereas the others weren't
· New members of the party had more in common with this
· Lenin wanted to remove Stalin from the party as he was rude to
his wife although didn't have time before he died.…read more

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Promotional of the Cult of Lenin
· At Lenin's funeral, Stalin gave a speech where he promised
to preserve Lenin's work and reputation
· Trotsky wasn't present at Lenin's funeral. He was in
Georgia, ill and Stalin told him he couldn't return in time.
Trotsky later claimed Stalin had deliberately given him the
wrong date.
· Trotsky's absence made it look like he was snubbing Lenin
· Stalin lectured on Lenin at Moscow University and wrote
`Foundations of Leninism'.
· Lenin's body was embalmed and put on display in Moscow's
Red Square.…read more


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