Athenian Politics

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  • Athenian Politics
    • Festivals such as the City Dionysia and The Panathenaia gave Athens to show off their city.
    • Non-Athenians were invited and would  surely impressed by the wealth, power and religion of the largest city in the Greek World.
    • Athens invented the democracy from the Greek 'demos' meaning people.
      • The Assembly = Every citizen was a member which voted to create new laws.
      • The Council = 500 citizens which elected by lot sat this every year they were the city's civi service
      • The Magistrates = 9 Archons or magistrates who served for a year and oversaw various areas of public life including law and courts.
    • Tribes
      • Each citizen a member of the city's 10 tribes. Each tribe had to provide a certain number of men for council.


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