WHY LUKE wrote the gospel

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    • 1) a) an "ordered account", writting an accurate account for Theophilus. Clarifying life and teachings of Jesus.
      • Undertakes duty as a jesus' time historian, but not what we see as a historian in the 20th century.
    • 2) APOLOGETIC purpose of his gosep. Wanted to show christianity was not illegal and an break off from judaism.
      • Shows Jesus, being non violent, mission of peace, pilate was not responsible for his death, connection between o.t and his mission.
    • 3) Defended christiianity from heresies. Heresy for example say jesus rose spiritually while teachings would say bodily.
    • 4) Luke wanted to show Jesus' mission as Universal e.g the universal Saviour, for all people including gentiles, samaritans, widows, women etc.
    • 5) LUKE wanted to show holy spirit of the PENTECOST was still with the church, a constant continuation.


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