Geography - Why do people live near volcanoes?

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  • Why Do People Live Near Volcanos?
    • Mining Industry
      • Lava from deep within the earth bring rich minerals to mine after the lava has cooled
        • Gold
        • Diamonds
        • Silver
        • Zinc
        • Copper
      • Provides work for locals
    • Farming and Harvesting
      • Volcanic ash form nutrient rich soil
        • Great for farming as its fertile
      • Worlds Richest soil
        • The soil contains -Potash, Nitrogen and Sulpher
    • Geothermal Energy
      • Icelands main source of power!
      • Kind to the environment as it uses natural sources for fuel
        • Also Very Cheap
      • Produced by steam underground which is heated from the earths magma
        • Heats the ground
        • Untitled
    • Tourism
      • Provides money for local area
      • Get recognition
      • Creates jobs for locals in tourism industry
        • Work such as
          • Tour guides
          • Restaurants
          • Hotels
          • Gift shops




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