Opposition to the Weimar Government

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  • Opposition to the Weimar Republic
    • Left Wing
      • They do not think the government are harsh enough.
      • 1919, Spartacists tried to take power.
      • 1919, organised riots.
      • 1920, tried to take control of German towns.
      • 1923, further uprisings.
    • Right Wing Elite
      • Wanted to destroy it and go back to the old system of a Kaiser.
      • they did not help the Weimar government.
      • They punished left wing people in court.
    • Right Wing Middle Class
      • Hated the Weimar government.
      • Held an organised putsch.
      • Used violence.
      • Uprisings.
    • Assassins
      • Very angry with the government.
      • Murder was the way forward.
      • Political assassinations took place 1919-1922.
      • Caused chaos.


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