Opposition to the Weimar Republic

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  • Opposition to the Weimar Republic
    • Spartacist Uprising
      • Communist party led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.
      • Wanted to overthrow the republic.
      • attempt to seize power in January 1919 was unsuccessful when they called upon the Freikorps who shot the two leaders.
    • The Kapp Putsch
      • Attempt by the Freikorps to overthrow the Weimar Republic in March 1920.
      • Led by Dr Kapp a very strong opponent of the Republic and the Treaty of Versailles.
      • The Freikorps seized Berlin and forced the government to flee.
    • Nazis
      • Hitler believed in the 'stab in the back' theory and strongly opposed to the Treaty of versailles.
      • Determined to overthrow the Weimar Republic
      • By 1921 he had his own party, the Nazis
      • Within 2 years it had attracted many supporters as well as its own private army known as the stormtroopers


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