Why did they fail to reach a settlement 1646-49

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  • Why did they fail to reach a settlement 1646-49
    • Religion
      • The Levellers were significantly influenced by religion and in their Whitehall and Putney Debates created divisions in Army
        • Radical sects such as Diggers (Kishalnksy- over exaggerated) only served to heighten the hysteria surrounding the settlement
          • Thomas Harrison at Windsor Prayer meeting, 1648 - 'man of blood'
    • Politics
      • Factions in Parliament made settlement impossible
        • Political Presbytarians were politically conservative and as Ashton points out, their differences were much more than religion.
        • Political Independents were more politically radical, and were naturally aligned with Army.
      • Charles and his intransigence
        • In 1646 he was in a strong position (Young), which a majority of Presbytarians in Parliament
          • But he ruined his advantage by refusing the Newcastle Propositions and its many rewrites, as well as the Army's lenient Head's of Proposals.
      • Army
        • Politicized by the Levellers, a pressure groups devoted to social, political and economic change
        • Owed three million in arrears- Parl did not promise indemnity and in May 1647 they only granted 8 weeks with disbandment


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