1646-49 - Failure to Reach a Settlement

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  • 1646-49
    • Charles
      • Intransigent and 'uncommunicative' (Farr)
      • Rejected Parliaments, Armys and Levellers settlement propositions
      • Made agreement with Scots and Ireland (Engagement, 1647)
    • Army
      • Angered by Charles' rejection of Head of Proposals, 1647
      • Angered by Parl. only promising 8 weeks arrears (May 1647) when owed £3 million. Also needed Indemnity Act which they were not granted in settlement
      • Angered by repeal of Vote of No Addresses and Newport Treaty (Newcastle Propositions)
    • Parliament
      • Factions of Presbyterians and Independents
    • Radicals
      • The Diggers and Ranters came to represent a 'breakdown of society' (Farr)
        • Kishlanksy argues Diggers were exaggerated
      • Thomas Harrison and Fifth Monarchists- at Windsor Prayer Meeting, 1648, called Cahrles 'that man of blood'- first mention of regicide
      • Levellers: Putney & Whitehall Debates


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